Powerful high-end
industrial computers with TSN support

KBox C series: Scalable Kontron industrial computers for AI applications

Industrial PC

The KBox C-104-TGL
in a practical test in a

 Smart Factory application

Kontron and Intel develop advanced AI-based visual inspection that boosts quality assurance for manufacturers with small but broad product line.
Computer vision and machine learning help in the early detection of product defects or quality fluctuations. But how does it work in practice?
To test this, Kontron has installed an innovative setup at its own production facility in Augsburg with a high-performance industrial PC, the KBox-C-104-TGL, based on an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor with eight cores, and Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial (EII) on the microservices development architecture of the OpenVINO™ toolkit.

Kontron has
a vision for AI

Machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to play an increasingly prominent role in improving product consistency and quality within the manufacturing sector. Object recognition systems can detect tiny errors, imperfections, and inconsistencies not easily caught by human inspection. These systems automate time and labor-intensive tasks while boosting product quality. The AI-based visual inspection solution delivered immediate and tangible benefits. “This project has shown that with the help of cutting-edge technology and a relatively simple setup, it is possible to boost quality assurance and control costs in a small lot production environment,” explains Thomas Dreyer, director of R&D at Kontron.
The result is improved quality control at a lower total cost and the ability to deploy technical staff strategically. This project has shown that with a relatively simple set-up and the help of Intel Edge Insights for Industrial software, it is possible to quickly support quality assurance in a production environment so that more manufacturers can benefit from machine vision in the new era of AI.
“AI in Production“ – Artificial Intelligence Testbed at Kontron Production Facility in Augsburg
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