Flexible solutions
for mobile automation

CONEC junction system typ S, M, L
withstands the toughest conditions

Miniaturisation in automation means that field devices and controllers are becoming smaller and smaller. The CONEC junction system provides a flexible way to integrate moulded branches and outlets in electrical connection lines such as e. g. cable harnesses. This ensures that the continuous lead sheathing retains its full functional integrity even at the splice site of the junction system.
Connector technology
The degree of automation is also constantly increasing in mobile machines from agriculture, forestry and construction technology, and thus also the need to equip the machines with sensors and other electrical components in a decentralised manner.

Durable in harsh environments

The junction system is min. IP67-protected, electrically tested in the factory and thus offers a robust, tamper-proof way to electrify machines in a safe way. The PUR moulding provides good resistance for applications in the agricultural industry.

Junction systems in sizes
S, M and L

Since the junction system is designed for cable entries and exits, there are almost unlimited possibilities to combine different connector systems. The limits are set by the maximum cable diameter of max. 8 mm for the variants S and M.
Variant L is limited for the reception of maximum cable diameters of 17 mm and the cable diameters of the exits of the quadruple type to max. 8 mm and the triple type to max. 13 mm.
Each junction system has two attachment holes with M5 thread for easy and safe installation in the machines. In addition, a fixture to attach the distributor with a cable tie to the entry and exit is integrated in the housing. Thus, the system can be attached at the place of operation easily and securely according to the respective requirements and withstands the harshest conditions. Due to the flexible design of internal wiring in the junction system, it is also possible to connect an integrated circuit, e. g. an integrated self-restoring fuse in a path in addition to the simple 1-to-n connection. ds
Example for the control of work lights


  • Reduction of installation costs
  • Fully protected cable harnesses
  • Space saving design
  • Robust design with minimum space requirements
  • Different mounting options

Field of applications

  • Process control
  • Agricultural and construction machines
  • Transport industry
  • Emergency vehicles
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