Complete system
for condition monitoring

The DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System (CMS) from Schildknecht records and visualizes sensitive motor data at Murrelektronik, thus contributing to a reliable delivery.
With the solution approach of wireless fieldbus communication the DATAEAGLE radio technology of Schildknecht AG has become known worldwide in countless applications over decades. This has made Schildknecht a "data transport company" on a global scale, long before exactly such data transport became a prerequisite for IIoT solutions. In many discussions and projects with users their similar concepts of an IoT approach became apparent, from which the IoT-ready-to-use approach was developed: The DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System provides a quick and good introduction to condition monitoring and Industry 4.0.

Immediately ready for operation

Elena Eberhardt, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Schildknecht, outlines the new concept as follows: “In the interest of the users, we have designed our CMS as a complete system, which can be installed and ready for operation within a very short time. It consists of the compact Bosch multi-sensor CISS for a total of eight measured variables with Bluetooth signal transmission, our IoT Edge Gateway with integrated eSIM card for global connectivity, and measurement data evaluation and display on our portal dashboard. While some want to have the relevant data ‘transported’ into a cloud for further analysis, others see their solution in a direct transmission to a control system with the possibility of an immediate reaction.
The DATAEAGLE CMS is therefore available in three versions: with interface to a control system, local dashboard or cloud dashboard.”

Condition Monitoring System ensuring reliable delivery

For Murrelektronik, a large automation technology company, unconditional delivery reliability is an extremely important element of its business model: Late deliveries would cause the customer's plant to shut down with far-reaching consequences.
The company therefore regularly seeks and tests measures to make the internal product flow from the central warehouse to shipping as smooth as possible. This also includes the operational safety of the motor driving the conveyor belt that transports the parts inside warehouse to be ready for shipping. We chose the sensor because it can be used very universally with eight measured variables and fits very well into our device concept with its Bluetooth interface.
At Murrelektronik, the multi-sensor is used to measure magnetic flux, vibration, and temperature, for example, and communicates via Bluetooth to the dashboard via the gateway.
DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System
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