Process visualization in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Operating units for hygienically sensitive production areas must meet high requirements with regard to cleanability and disinfectability. The Panel PC FlatClient HYG developed by Kontron and the monitor variant FlatView HYG as a display and operating unit can be used in machine control, as process visualization and in quality control.
Handling food or pharmaceutical products requires special care and also a high degree of responsibility on the part of processors and manufacturers. The health of the consumer is at stake, so any risk of contamination of the product, for example with foreign particles such as plastic or metal particles, as well as dust, lubricating oil or even germs, must be absolutely ruled out. Machines, plants and components along the production chain must therefore be designed and manufactured accordingly. The cleanability and disinfectability of all surfaces and materials is of particular importance. The resulting requirements are laid down in a series of legal regulations, recommendations and standards.
HMI / Industrial PC
All these directives and regulations represent a considerable challenge for manufacturers of machines and equipment. Of course, the visualization, control and operating elements used must also be suitable and must also be able to withstand the strong mechanical stress caused by water pressure, e.g. in washdown applications, as well as the disturbing influences of water or dust. For this reason, complete dust and moisture encapsulation is of particular importance for the Kontron-developed Panel PC FlatClient HYG or the Monitor variant FlatView HYG as a display and operating unit that is used directly on a machine in control, process visualization and quality control. With its completely closed and optimally sealed housing and the smooth and joint-free display surface, dirt and food residues are prevented from sticking and cleaning is simplified.

HMI complies with the latest EHEDG‑guidelines

The new Human Machine Interface was developed in accordance with the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) guidelines. The mounting arm version has the maximum protection class of IP69K, which allows washdown applications such as high-pressure cleaning. A cost-optimised version with VESA 100 mounting and IP67 protection class enables cabling via M12 connectors or cable glands. Both the Panel PC variant and the Monitor variant are thus qualified for applications in sensitive hygienic areas and are suitable for use in the food or pharmaceutical industry as well as in clean rooms in semiconductor production, optics and laser technology, life sciences and nanotechnology.
With a fully sealed stainless steel housing and IP69K protection, the FlatClient/FlatView HYG is highly resistant to disinfectants and prepared for easy cleaning
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