2-in-1 connectors

Industrial Ethernet + Power =
CONEC Hybrid Connector series B12, B17, B23, B40

One connector instead of two or three, shorter assembly times, no cable tangle, less weight on the end device (for example motor) – these are the convincing arguments for the
CONEC Hybrid connector series.
With conventional cabling of electric motors, servo drives or linear units/drives, the cabling effort is very high.
Separate lines for power and data/signal transmission are used for different, separate tasks. This wiring concept is not only cost-intensive, but also requires a lot of installation space and is more complex to install. Due to the constantly increasing cost pressure and the miniaturization of end devices, in combination with an increasing data volume and high transmission speeds, new solutions for more efficiency in the field of wiring are in demand.
Connector technology
Wiring of the power supply and the control of motors and servo drives is exemplary. While until now in the conventional approach each individual motor is wired separately and elaborately to the control cabinet, in the decentralised approach many consumers are linked with standard connecting cables via a ”daisy chain“.

Current single cable technology

With the newly developed CONEC Hybrid connector series (B12, B17, B23, B40), a compact hybrid connector system has been developed which combines and transmits the power supply and data transfer to CAT5 via a specially developed hybrid cable.

Secure locking

Locking of mated connector is secured with a bayonet fastener, so that a time-consuming screw connection by means of a torque wrench is no longer necessary.
A quarter turn ensures a secure connection and IP67 protection class. It is important to note that the bayonet can only be locked, if the hybrid connectors are completely mated in. The risk of failure due to incompletely mated or unscrewed connectors is thus greatly reduced. Different codings per mating face ensure that connectors that are unpluggable among each other can be used for different applications. ds
Brochure Hybrid Connectors
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