Bin picking made easy

The Zivid Two L100 industrial 3D camera enables more productive bin picking with deeper reach, enabling extended grippers to empty larger, deeper bins.

The Zivid Two L100 is the newest product in the Zivid Two industrial 3D camera family. The camera L100 will offer a longer working distance and greater working area to cater for the demanding range of needs of bin picking in automation.
Zivid, the high-performance industrial 3D camera company announced the second member of its award-winning Zivid Two 3D camera family – the Zivid Two L100. The L100 has been developed to address the market’s demand for a high-performance 3D camera with industrial-grade reliability that can tackle the larger, deeper bins typically seen in the manufacturing industry.
With an extended working distance and larger working volume, it is also suited for machine tending and parcel induction operations in logistics scenarios.

Industrial-grade 3D camera

The Zivid Two industrial 3D camera has made a significant impact across multiple industries since its launch in 2021. Equally suited for static and robot-mounted operation with a short baseline of 120 mm and weighing in at a mere 940 grams, the Zivid Two has proven its industrial grade credentials by demonstrating consistent and reliable calibration performance over time while deployed in challenging industrial settings.
Easy mounting on the robot’s arm
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