Push-Pull Circular Connector Y‑Circ P for Single Pair Ethernet and Automotive Ethernet

Yamaichi Electronics offers many different high-speed connectors. Among these are also high-speed versions in the Y-Circ P product group of metallic push-pull circular connectors.
Connector technology
Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a future oriented communication platform of electrical or electronical components and machinery and in industrial the key for an efficient and cost saving data transmission from sensor to the cloud. SPE is the preparation for Industry 4.0.
The use of two instead of – as usual – four or eight wires reduces costs, saves space, weight, and time during the assembly. Of course, Yamaichi Electronics manufactures the standardised SPEs with both mating faces according to IEC 63171-2 and -6.

variants can be realised

In addition to the standardised SPE versions, Ya‍maichi Electronics also offers customer-specific solutions based on these push-pull connectors with a high number of mating cycles.
On request, Yamaichi therefore manufactures exactly the SPE connector that the customer needs for his application. In the in-house laboratory Yamaichi develops, simulates, and tests pin layouts for high-speed applications.
The S1 pin layout enables the transmission of Single Pair Ethernet up to 10 Gbit/s according to IEC 802.3ch and of Automotive Ethernet signals according to the Open Alliance Standard TC9.

Highest data rates

Highest data rates

The combination of the reliable push-pull mechanism in small size 09 connectors and the innovative, patent-pending insulator and contact design offers highest data rates for special test and measurement applications with at least 5,000 mating cycles. The new S1 pole pattern is available in straight and even angled device sockets, and Yamaichi Electronics can also assemble the matching connector directly with a cable suitable for SPE on request. ds

Advantages of Y-Circ P

  • Transmission of single-pair Ethernet up to 10 Gbit/s according to IEC 802.3ch
  • Innovative, patent-pending insulator and contact design
  • Perfect signal transmission for various connector types
  • Reliable push-pull mechanism
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