IO-Link master modules in the IP20 and IP67 degree of protection

IO-Link is considered key technology for implementing industry 4.0 and IIoT concepts. For this technology Weidmüller provides IO-Link master modules in IP20 and IP67 degree of protection. Plug-in connectors and pre-assembled cables for the bus connection as well as sensor/actuator cabling complete the product portfolio. The parametrisation and configuration of IO-Link devices can be performed with a web‑based configuration tool that contains an interface to the manufacturer‑independent IODDfinder database.
IO-Link master module in IP20 degree of protection as well as connected sensors and actuators. The master module provides an increased power supply of 500 mA per channel
Until now, the challenge of machinery and plant engineering has always been to significantly shorten the time-consuming assembly, commissioning and maintenance phases. In these phases individual components – sensors and actuators – are connected electrically, subsequently adjusted and parametrised or exchanged if necessary. Using the IO-Link communication system to connect intelligent sensors and actuators to the controller significantly reduces the amount of time required. Sensors can be connected quickly and without any errors using a pre-assembled cable, for example, while automated commissioning is also made possible by means of downloading parameter sets. Another advantage is IO‑Link’s complete transparency right down to the sensor/actuator level, which convincingly supports plant availability. IO-Link enables precision diagnosis and simplified device replacement, which considerably reduces downtime and hence maintenance costs. Weidmüller is also providing comprehensive support for the advantages of IO-Link with u-remote, the flexible I/O system for streamlined planning and accelerated commissioning. Whether used as a control cabinet system, in mixed applications in the IP20 and IP67 degrees of protection or placed directly in the field for signal connection purposes, u-remote provides the user with all the freedoms of a flexible I/O architecture and offers the advantages of a consistent overall system. The u-remote integrated configuration tool enables convenient parametrisation and configuration, independently of the implemented fieldbus/network protocol.
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