Balluff SmartCamera

Intelligent data management contributes to stable production processes

Industry 4.0 – the smart, adaptive factory with short retooling times and decentralized control – aims to generate the most comprehensive data possible within a highly automated process in real-time and provide the most varied instances possible. This status information in the form of process data for control and monitoring of sequences and product data for traceability and quality verification form an objective basis for making decisions in order to take early measures for process optimization.
The information is delivered among other ways from numerous sensors in the system either automatically or on demand. In this simplest case this can be a switching sensor which only generates a status signal, while more complex components like the new Balluff SmartCamera run a variety of sophisticated inspection programs and thus provide a wealth of different information. As part of this increasing digitizing the trend is from traditional fieldbuses like PROFIBUS or DeviceNet to Ethernet-based networks such as PROFINET or Ethernet IP. The easy to use SmartCamera is ideally designed for this trend and stands out with its intelligent data management capability.
The inspection results can be flexibly visualized either directly on a status display like the Balluff SmartLight or output using individual switching outputs and through a process interface like PROFINET or TCP/IP.
The new Balluff SmartCamera can execute a variety of sophisticated inspection programs
With the SmartCamera the user is given a highly flexible tool
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