Components for mechatronics

Dynetics offers an extensive range of motion controller modules, worm gear motors, servo motor controllers, stepper motor drives and controllers – all suitable for complex mechatronic applications.

Controller module for complicated motion profiles

The Commander Controller Module CMD-4EX-CR is the optimal solution for customers who want to integrate a motion controller with the functionalities of the 4-axis FMAX stand-alone subsystem on their own PCB. The freely programmable multi-axis control considerably shortens development and product launch times.
Compared to the FMAX, the CMD-4EX-CR offers more functions. With only one module, the controller enables many solutions for the realization of complicated motion profiles up to four axes. Both rotating and linear brushless DC motors, stepper motors or positioning tables in any combination are supported.
The CMD module offers high data transfer rates via Ethernet. It also supports communication via USB 2.0, RS-485, I2C bus and SPI. The module has the following features: linear and circular interpolation in two to four axes such as the FMAX controller, 13 homing routines, on-the-fly adjustment of speed and position, absolute and incremental position, S-curve and trapezoidal motion profiles, linear interpolation (XYZU), arc/circle interpolation (any two axes), helix/tangential interpolation (XYZ), continuous contour (XYZ: 100 Move Buffer Size), encoder feedback, coordinated motion sequences (linear and circular), up to 40 digital outputs.
The stand-alone system can be operated in PC-based as well as in stand-alone mode and offers easy-to-use, cost-effective multi-axis motion programming. A BASIC-like programming language was developed by the manufacturer (C, C ++, VB,, Linux, Labview, Matlab support with examples). The manufacturer has put together a development kit with all necessary software.
Controller Module CMD-4EX-CR
A kit with board and software shortens the development time of multi-axis controllers
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