Powerful configuration software

The configuration software provides an interface to the cross-manufacturer central IO-Link database and the “IODDfinder”. In such a way, users discover a convenient overview of available IO-Link devices and their description files, the IODDs. The joint data source for IODDs provides high quality and consistency beyond that.
The u-remote IO-Link configurator is available as a free download on the Weidmüller homepage. For all series machines which use a recurring IO-Link configuration, the single project engineering configuration file can be stored locally and be redistributed from there to other plants. This can be accessed and adapted later where necessary.
The u-remote web server allows on-site or remote verification, such as diagnosis by remote access or input simulation, as well as forcing the outputs on-site. For this a standard browser only is needed. Processes and procedures can also be simulated without a controller being connected. In addition to the simplified start-up in sections, this also speeds up service in the event of unplanned system downtime. ds

Hybrid connector with 324° rotating area

Due to the permanently increasing cost pressure and the miniaturization of the end devices, in connection with an increasing data volume and high transmission speeds, new solutions for more efficiency in the field of cabling are required. For this reason, CONEC developed the Hybrid Connectors series B40 and B23 with angled receptacles offering a rotating aera.

With conventional cabling of electric motors, servo drives or linear units and drives, the cabling effort is very high. While in the conventional approach each individual motor is wired separately and elaborately to the control cabinet, many users are linked via a "daisy chain" with uniform connecting cables in the decentralized approach.
With the single-cable technology of the CONEC hybrid series, power supply and data transmission are combined and transmitted via a specially developed hybrid cable.
CONEC adds the new hybrid series B40 to the existing sizes B12, B17 and B23. In the B23 series, angled receptacles offering a rotating area of 324° are available for the first time. The already existing square socket design is supplemented by three further design variants for front or rear panel mounting. While the number of poles and the permitted rated voltages vary according to size, the 360° shielded data core is always the same and designed for Industrial Ethernet Cat 5 with stranded wire cross section AWG22.
Locking is ensured with a bayonet quick-release fastener and thus a time-consuming screw connection using a torque wrench is no longer necessary. By a quarter turn, a safe connection with IP67 protection is achieved. ds

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