Intelligent TFT touch displays using uniTFTDesigner

Implementing user interfaces and process monitoring intuitively in record time

Key in, turn and go – probably the best known and most intuitive HMI. HMIs – hardly anything is more ubiquitous, and no one gives them a second thought. The expectations of design, intuitiveness and functionality that are spilling over from the consumer world into industrial and professional applications are confronting programmers with ever more extensive tasks. The realization done in conventional programming now require a development effort that can hardly be justified. The solution is provided by uniTFTDesigner, the programming tool of the uniTFT display family.
HMI – Display

Designing Smart HMI simply

In uniTFTDesigner, screen layouts and user interfaces can be created on the PC in no time at all. Objects are dragged and dropped into the virtual screen, where their size, rotation angle and position can be adjusted with the mouse.
Macros are created for the program sequences via a text editor. Its auto-completion function displays a syntax suggestion for each command as well as a selection list of possible parameters, such as register or macro names.

The MeterEditor

Create round gauge in visually appealing designs in the manner of aircraft, vehicle or industrial applications in no time with just a few inputs and clicks. The MeterEditor of uniTFTDesigner guides step-by-step and quickly to outstanding results.

The DiagramEditor

Diagrams are helpful representations of temporal processes and useful in quickly identifying critical conditions.
However, due to complicated programming or lack of hardware support, diagrams are often omitted from the display. The DiagramEditor helps out of this predicament by presenting an easy-to-use WYSIWYG interface for line recorder commands together with the graphical settings.

The ClockEditor

This editor is a convenient option of creating and integrating analogue time displays in various appealing designs.

The Simulator/Debugger

This fully comprehensive simulator offers the fastest possible success control in visual/graphical as well as functional aspects. On top of that, it allows you to check the status of registers and ports and simulate external influences. With the help of the simulator, contents as well as the function, e. g. touch keys, can be tested immediately even without a connected display. Even the inputs and outputs can be simulated on the Windows PC. A terminal program allows the input of data or commands. A mouse click is sufficient at any time for downloading newly created screens to the display.

Powerful Displays with touch panel

The uniTFT series provides formats of 2 inch, 2.8 inch, 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch and 10.1 inch.. Readability even at direct sunlight is guaranteed thanks to its brightness of up to 1000 cd/m². The viewing direction independent IPS displays can be used in all four mounting positions. A check mark in the screen definition in the uniTFTDesigner is sufficient for this. The uniTFT communicates with the outside world via USB, RS232, SPI and I²C as well as the 16/125 digital I/Os, the three analogue inputs and the PWM output. The internal data memory, partly SD-card, contains process controls, default values, measurement data and protocols also in file format. The mechanical design with circumferentially protruding glass pane of the capacitive touch panel allows dust-proof and cleaning agent-proof installation according to IP65. M3 threaded bolts provide additional support.
The new EA uniTFT displays provide various interfaces to the outside world. A USB interface is available for flashing and debugging or for normal operation
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