Hybrid connectors B23 receptacle angled, rotatable

The newly developed CONEC hybrid connector series (B12, B17, B23, B40) is a compact hybrid connector system which combines and transmits the power supply and the data to CAT5 via a specially developed hybrid cable. This one-cable technology corresponds to modern connection and interface wiring and saves space, time and costs.

With the angled B23 hybrid receptacle, it is possible to equip servo drives with an output of more than 20 kW with a one-cable solution. By turning the cable outlet in 18 steps, the receptacle can be adjusted to the respective installation situation in the machine and allows a stress-free connection of the cable regardless of the assembly situation.

For the user, it is possible to obtain both pre-assembled receptacles and a field attachable version for self-connection. The field-attachable version uses contacts with crimp connection, Using the Poka-Yoke principle, the assembly is very easy and safe.

Common to all variants is the separately shielded 4-pos. data element for the transmission of Industrial Ethernet according to ISO11 801 Class D or alternatively signals with current levels up to 4 A. The series is completed by a number of power contacts tailored to the respective application case in order to be able to transfer currents up to 26 A. By default, a 5-pos. version (4+PE) is available for a wire cross-section of 4 mm². Optional is a 6-pos. variant (3+PE+2) with 4 power contacts for each 4 mm² wire cross-section in combination with 2 power contacts for each 2.5 mm² wire cross-section available. This variant can be used, for example, for motors with electric brakes.

Locking of mated connector is secured with a bayonet fastener, so that a time-consuming screw connection by means of a torque wrench is no longer necessary. A quarter turn ensures a secure connection and IP67 protection class. It is important to note that the bayonet can only be locked, if the hybrid connectors are completely mated in. The risk of failure due to incompletely mated or unscrewed connectors is thus greatly reduced.

Three different codings per mating face ensure that connectors that are unpluggable among each other can be used for different applications.
The housing of the angled B23 receptacle is made of resistant nickel-plated zinc die-cast, so the connectors can even used under harsh environmental influences. ds


New connectors for automation

In the Product News 2021 CONEC provides an overview of new connectors of the product groups M8x1, M12x1, HDSCS and M12x1 panel mount connectors. In addition to a variety of connectors for all current standards, CONEC's particular strength is the integrated moulding of components and assemblies as well as in the development of customized solutions.
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