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Waterproof circular connectors with IP68 protection rating

Waterproof push-pull connectors can withstand the harsh environments found in mechanical engineering applications. But for instance they are also suitable for use in medical devices. Yamaichi Electronics has unveiled a concept designed for up to 5,000 mating cycles. Easy assembly and improved reliability characterise this T-series, which enables data rates of up to 10 Gbps in harsh conditions.
Connector technology
Y-Circ P Push Pull Circular Connector
Today’s connection technology is undergoing fundamental changes. The miniaturisation trend means that connectors are also getting smaller and smaller. Despite this, they still have to be robust and must withstand ever more mating cycles. This applies equally to components in industrial electronics systems and devices in telecommunications, medical or traffic engineering.
Connectors must transmit energy, signals and data. High data rates in the range of several gigabits per second call for sophisticated RF concepts, and users need accordingly powerful, application-specific and compact connection solutions.
For device manufacturers and users, properties such as reliability, availability and cost-effectiveness as well as uncomplicated assembly are also important. Connectors are often complex components that must satisfy widely differing demands in different applications. Manufacturers are responding to new markets and applications such as Industry 4.0 by accelerating the development of variant-rich product platforms.
Yamaichi Electronics combines various technologies and is developing successive new variants based on its Y-Circ P push-pull connector series. By now the company has a sizeable range of push-pull connectors on the market. The circular connectors with push-pull locking mechanism manufactured in Germany (more on this on page 24) offer cost advantages through material and space savings.
Schematic structure of the push-pull connector series Y-Circ P
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