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Every manufacturing application is different. Every operating environment is unique. To take account of the wide range of applications, Spectra offers industrial PC systems in various designs and system configurations – off the rack or perfectly matched to the respective application.
Industrial PC
The industrial PC is the heart of the machine and is used in numerous applications. Typical areas are robotics, industrial automation, process visualisation or test and inspection stands in industry. The most important characteristic of the industrial PC is its reliability, because a failure of the computer often results in a standstill of the production. The use of robust, industrial components in the construction of the industrial PC can effectively prevent failures. The variety of applications requires a wide range of different industrial PCs. If the standard systems are not sufficient, Spectra GmbH & Co. KG develops individual systems.

Box PC solution for the industrial environment

The demands placed on embedded computers in industrial environments can usually be described by the three terms - robustness, compactness and computing power. The Spectra PowerBox 110 Mini-PC was developed precisely for these applications.
This ultra-compact Mini-PC fits into a housing of only 150 x 52.3 x 105 mm. The fanless and wireless design of this system guarantees fail-safe operation even under severe mechanical influences, which are common in machine-oriented or mobile applications. The use of an SSD also deliberately dispenses with rotating parts in the data storage device. A modern Intel® processor from the Apollo Lake family provides the necessary computing power. Two Mini PCIe sockets for WiFi, GSM, GLAN, USB or fieldbus extensions allow the Spectra PowerBox 110 to be easily adapted to its tasks. Another slot offers the option of adding further COM, LPT/PS2, DIO, DP, DVI or VGA interfaces. In addition to the standard model, which can be operated in an operating temperature range from 0 °C to 45 °C, ... range from -25° C to 60 °C is also available. The power supply is realized via a wide range input from 9 to 48 VDC.
 Industrial solution
Compact and fanless: Spectra PowerBox 110
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