Online Configurator

Individual Configuration
of Push-Pull and M12 Circular Connectors

With the Online Configurator, Yamaichi offers a fast and convenient tool to configure
Y-Circ connectors according to individual requirements. Since recently Yamaichi Electronics offers this service also for the popular M12 series Y-Circ M.
Connector technology

Individual configuration of connector series and types

Interested parties can register and access their data at any time. However, access without a user account is also possible – albeit with reduced functionality in relation to the data available after configuration. Thereupon the user can choose between different connector series, types and sizes. The housing types can also be adapted to the user's own requirements, as can the cable diameter, contact type, contact diameter, and strand cross-section.
What is special about the intelligent system of the configurator is that the user is only offered options that are technically feasible and suitable based on his previous selections and that match the connector to be configured. Common solutions are displayed in green by the system, in which case the user can expect shorter delivery times.
Y-Circ P connectors

Modern navigation for user-friendly application

A user-friendly traffic light system shows the user the progress of his or her configuration: as soon as the traffic light turns green, a type number is created and the configuration is complete.
Video Yamaichi Configurator: Create individual Push Pull and M12 connectors
But the Yamaichi configurator can do even more: for each individually configured Y-Circ P and Y-Circ M connector, the system also offers various accessory options, such as mating connectors, various tools or matching protective caps, bend relief sleeves, release aids and more.

All documents
can be saved locally

Once the customer is satisfied with the selection, the configurator offers another special service: in the last step, CAD models, PDF files, step files and the data sheet for all individual configurations can be downloaded and saved in one place. The final click on the request button sends the personalised configuration to Yamaichi Electronics. ds
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