EMI interface solutions with
D-SUB Filter connectors

For more than 40 years, CONEC Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality connectors, patch cable and single ended cable as well as enclosure technology. Since 1985, CONEC has been one of the leading suppliers of connectors with integrated filters.
Interference in complex machines and systems can affect smooth operation.
In view of the increasing data transmission and operating frequencies, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the proper functioning of electrical devices and systems. It is therefore essential to use filters directly at the housing input to ensure trouble-free operation. For this purpose, CONEC offers special D-SUB connectors with filter technology.
Connector Technology
Standard filter connectors are typically configured as low-pass filters, as they allow low-frequency signals to pass through but reduce signals with frequencies that exceed the cut-off frequency.
For this purpose, CONEC provides the so-called C-filter as standard. In this single-stage low-pass filter, each contact of the connector is connected to a capacitor to the housing. Depending on the requirement, there are additional variants available, such as the two-stage LC and the three-stage PI filter, which are also available in various configurations as part of the standard program.
The difference between the various filter configurations lies in their performance.
When there is a wide separation between the wanted signal and the interference frequency, a single-stage C-filter is often sufficient to solve the EMC problem.

Filter Connectors can be retrofitted

As the separation between the useful and interference signal frequencies decreases, multi-stage filter configurations are used.
The dimensions of CONEC filter connectors are usually compatible with unfiltered connectors. This allows systems to be easily expanded with filtered interfaces without much effort.
These filter systems are mainly used in medical technology or in environments prone to interference. CONEC offers a wide variety of D-SUB connectors with integrated filter technology. These connectors are available in various configurations, including the standard D-SUB filter as C, LC, and PI filters. The capacitance values for these filters are 370 pF, 830 pF, and 1300 pF. Additionally, there is the option of the D-SUB Filter Combination, which is exclusively available as a C filter.
For applications requiring a particularly robust mechanical interface, CONEC also provides IP67 D-SUB filter connectors. These connectors offer reliable EMC and IP67 protection. The integrated filters of these connectors are available with capacitance values of 180 pF, 370 pF, 830 pF, and 1300 pF.
Further capacitance values and specific customer applications can be created and offered upon request. ds


  • Filtering directly at the interface
  • No PCB redesign
  • Filter adapter for retrofitting existing systems
  • Up to three-stage low-pass filters
  • Selective filtering
  • Mixed capacities
  • Low magnetic versions
  • Space saving on the circuit board

Fields of application

  • Industrial interfaces
  • Medical technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Test and diagnostic equipment
  • Power supplies
  • Military
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