All-in-One PCs for
medical technology

ICP Germany offers four classes of All-in-One PCs (AIO PCs) that are suitable for use in medical technology. The classic AIO PCs for use as a point of care solution, AIO PCs with internal batteries for mobile use on nursing trolleys, AIO PCs with additional video inputs for use in operating rooms and AIO PCs with additional GPU functionality for the use of AI technologies. Both classic screen diagonals from 15 to 24 inches and processors of different performance classes are available.
AOI-PC WMP-19S connections
Industrial PC
Front view of the AOI-PC WMP-19S

From Intel® Atom as entry-level variant to Core-I processors of the 12th or 13th generation: All AIO PCs are characterized by a wide range of customization options. In addition to the usual upgrade options in the industrial PC sector such as WLAN, Bluetooth, 2.5 inch or M.2 storage media, RAM, webcam, TPM module and RFID, DICOM modules, full HD capture cards, equipotential bonding pins, 4K interfaces, anti-glare coating or even optical bonding can be implemented for the medical sector. Safety glass and coated touch screens with anti-reflective protection, anti-bacterial coating, anti-fat coating or matt coatings can also be configured as an option.
The back of the housing can also be provided with IP protection if required by the application. Certifications according to CE, FCC, EN60601 or UL as well as other certifications can be offered if required. ds
AIO PC with internal batteries for mobile use on nurse trolleys
AIO PC with internal batteries for mobile use on nurse trolleys
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