ASUS IoT announces collaboration with BRESSNER

Co-winning approach enables seamless integration of the Configure-to-Order service solution from ASUS IoT and BRESSNER

IIoT & Edge
ASUS IoT, the global AIoT solution provider, announced a strategic partnership with BRESSNER Technology, a leading service provider based in Groebenzell, Germany, to introduce the ASUS IoT Configure-to-Order Service (CTOS). This innovative service is designed to enhance operational efficiency through system modularization, offering seamless management where flexibility converges with unparalleled support.
"The collaboration underscores our commitment to excellence," said Gabor Paxian, Senior Account Manager of BRESSNER Technology,"as ASUS IoT and BRESSNER Technology cultivate robust partnerships." With a sharp focus on quality assurance, enhanced by our dedicated research and development (R&D) team, ASUS IoT CTOS emerges as the preferred choice across diverse industries such as medical, industrial automation, smart retail and smart transportation.
"This service guarantees clients get solutions tailored to their needs, supported by partners respected for their expertise," commented Casper Lee, EMEA Regional Head for ASUS AIoT.
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