The DATAEAGLE Condition Monitoring System from Schildknecht AG – connect – activate – use

Ready-to-use Condition Monitoring System

Plug-and-play from sensor to data dashboard

Condition monitoring (CM) has long been known as a method for ensuring high availability of machines and plants by means of remote monitoring of parameters relevant to the operations. CM is increasingly becoming a key component of industry 4.0 business models. An example is the CM solution designed by Schildknecht AG, for radio data transmission and IIoT solutions.
Networking and Security
Components of the condition monitoring system:
The continuous acquisition and evaluation of machine data is an essential requirement to ensure undisturbed operation. This growing importance is giving rise to new monitoring technologies with higher performance and increased user benefits. The end-to-end system from Schildknecht consists of a compact Bosch multi-component sensor for up to 8 parameters (signal transmission via Bluetooth), the industry-proven Schildknecht Edge Gateway DATAEAGLE 2730 including an integrated eSIM card for global connectivity, and a visualization of sensor data on the DATAEAGLE Portal Dashboard. The user can customize the system to suit his application by choosing between four "monitoring packages" with different data transmission intervals (hourly to weekly cycles), and they also come with an optional alarm version for predictive maintenance solutions.
Condition Monitoring System – Condition Monitoring for Motors and Pumps
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