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At the same time, a connection to the Kubernetes cloud platform operated by Google also had to be established. Even the movements of the robot were a challenge: they had to be as similar as possible to the movements of a human bartender. At the same time, however, they did not want to reduce the speed that the robot was capable of. This resulted in the next problem: How to prevent the robot from spilling beverages? “During the development of the bar system, Makr Shakr has continuously evolved,” explains Alessandro Incisa. “We have gained the necessary know-how to solve the tasks.” There were several reasons for choosing a robot from KUKA: the speed, intuitive operation and reliability of the technology were the most important. But aesthetics also played an important role. “KUKA introduced our company to the world of automation and was a cen-tral partner for us in the development of the Makr Shakr technology,” says Alessandro Incisa with satisfaction.
Alessandro Incisa, CTO of Makr Shakr, is proud of his fully automatic bar system

“Toni” expands the boundaries of interaction between humans and robots

The bar system is of particular interest to caterers or event organizers. It offers various advantages: 24/7 operation is possible with constant quality at all times. Only the ingredients for the drinks need to be manually refilled regularly. The robot prepares the drinks with maximum precision. Still, even with its perfect mixing technique, the robot cannot keep up with its human counterpart in one area: Makr Shakr’s bar system does expand the boundaries of interaction between humans and robots. Nevertheless, a conversation with the bartender is not (yet) possible. “Our goal is not to replace human bartenders,” assures Alessandro Incisa. “With ‘Toni’, the focus is on having the guests explore the mixing process and, in doing so, experience a technology that is not typically a part of their daily lives.” The robot bar in “The View” in Milan has been well received. Guests watch with fascination as “Toni” mixes the drinks. In the future, Makr Shakr plans to expand the possibilities of interaction between the guests and the robot. Beyond this, the company is working on a further innovation: “Guido”, a self-propelled, mobile robot bar, is to soon be making its rounds at street festivals or trade fairs.

Author: Sebastian Schuster, Global PR & Content Manager Robotics at KUKA


Y-Circ M Push‑Pull

M12 Connector with Inner Push-Pull Locking

In this video, Yamaichi presents the characteristics and advantages of the new M12 Connector Y-Circ M Push-Pull. The connector locks deep inside for mechanical stability even under torsion stress. The connection is waterproof (IP 65/67), blindly mateable, backwards compatible and requires no torque wrench. Watch the video above to learn more about this innovative locking technology.

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