Ultra-flat, transparent, fascinating

OLED touch monitor as interactive showcase

The Radiant Touch (distributed by Printec-DS Keyboard) is one of the most innovative touch monitors currently available. With a transparency of 38 percent, viewers can see both, the real objects behind the display and the digital information on the screen perfectly.
HMI – Display
Not science fiction, but reality: The Radiant Touch enables visualization solutions that have been virtually impossible to implement until now.
It is based on the new transparent Full-HD OLED from LG and offers the latest touch options with up to 80 simultaneous touches. In combination with a touch surface, the display becomes an interactive shop window and can be seamlessly integrated into rooms.

Design with finest wires

In order to maintain the frameless and with only 6.6 mm ultra-flat design of the LG OLED, a special touch foil with a patented touch technology (MPCT) was used. This foil has a very robust surface and will be applied directly to the glass panel of the display in a complex process. This special touch foil is based on the so-called copper-wire-technology and has such thin wires that they are hardly recognizable.
In addition, the signal lines of the touch foil can be routed directly on the 6.6 millimetres wide frame of the display. This makes it possible to pull the touch surface to the edge without widening it or impairing the transparency of the display. In contrast to other solutions, it is not necessary to use an additional glass panel to protect the touch surface, but also to dispense with an additional frame. This unique combination of two state-of-the-art technologies leads to an unprecedented interactive experience.
The Radiant Touch enables futuristic designs
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