Convertible Display System

One Hardware for Everything

Different industrial PC hardware increases the administrative costs. The more applications that can be implemented on one hardware platform, the better. With the Convertible Display System (CDS), CINCOZE offers an one-for-all solution that allows hardware consolidation and flexibility.
HMI – Display
CDS is a patented technology invented by CINCOZE with Modular Design for Display Computing consisting of two independent parts: the display module and the active unit (PC-module) which is in its origin, an Embedded-PC. Both parts can be easily plugged together with a proprietary connector. Only few screws needed for fixation. This solution allows a simple, secure and comprehensive customization of the system. Monitors or Panel PC can be created from 8.4” up to 24” displays. CPU-performance in the PC-module varies from Intel® Atom® up to 8.Gen. Intel® Core™ i5. Two designs of the Core-i solution are available: a slim-compact one for space-constraint installation and a higher one with capabilities of mini PCIe cards and PCI/PCIe card expansions.
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