M12x1 connectors with colored plastic coupling elements

CONEC has expanded its product portfolio of overmolded M12x1 connectors to include versions with colored plastic coupling elements. The connectors are suitable for applications in the industrial, chemical and food sectors as well as in agricultural, construction machinery and municipal technology.
Colored plastic coupling elements simplifies the assignment of complex cabling. Customers have the choice of 5 colour variations (black, white, yellow red, blue, green). In combination with a terminal cross-section up to 0. 75 mm², a wide range of applications is possible. The plastic material used is resistant to weak acids, bases, alkalis and alkaline cleaning agents and is therefore perfect for applications where the chemical environment does not permit the use of zinc die-cast screw connections. Typical examples of applications are dosing systems and disinfection systems for industrial use, dosing pumps for the treatment of drinking water, waste water and process water, as well as applications in the agricultural sector. ds


  • Good grip of the screw elements
  • Good chemical resistance of the connector
  • Degree of protection: IP67
Connector technology

New catalogue
D-SUB/IP67 D-SUB connectors

In addition to a completely new clear structure, the catalogue includes the CONEC Snaplock and CONEC SlimCon series (up to 52 percent reduction of the mounting surface compared to conventional IP67 D-SUB connectors) and shows variants equipped with high-current or coaxial contacts in the DSUB combination connector range. For the first time, CONEC also uses high-quality rendered product images in this catalogue. Each assembly option is shown separately. As a reference work, the catalogue provides extensive information on the following product areas:
  • D-SUB (Standard & High Density)
  • IP67 D-SUB (Standard & High Density)
  • Combination D-SUB
  • IP67 Combination D-SUB
  • Filter D-SUB
  • IP67 Filter D-SUB
  • Filter Combination D-SUB
  • Processing tools
  • D-SUB Hoods & Accessories
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