New connectors for fast data transfer – tool-free & secure

M12 connector series with bayonet quick locking with data transmission rate up to 10 Gbit/s

At the SPS, CONEC presented an expansion of the M12x1 connector series with bayonet quick locking. In addition to the already known variants of overmoulded connectors, sockets print and with wire, there are now field attachable connectors,
A-, B-, D- and X-coded. On the device side, the corresponding print sockets axial and angled are added in B-, and X-coding
Connector technology
Connectors with quick-release locking are an important component for Industry 4.0. Advancing decentralised automation in certain areas makes flexible and individual wiring necessary directly in the field and at the machine in some cases.
More and more nodes at field level also need to exchange large amounts of data in real-time.

Connectors for fast data transfer

CONEC meets these requirements with the new field attachable connector variants and a data transmission rate of up to 10 Gbit/s.
With the three-point bayonet lock, it is possible to lock the connection manually with a 90-degree turn. Direct tactile and acoustic feedback is received after the connector has been locked.
The coupling sockets with solder pin termination are also equipped with an internal thread in the mating area thus ensuring 100 percent backwards compatibility with standard M12x1 connectors.
New systems can therefore be equipped with the M12 bayonet on the device side without any problems.

Secure connection

In order to meet the mechanical requirements with regard to tightness against dust and liquid media in industrial environments, no additional tool is required for the new M12 bayonet variant made by CONEC. This eliminates the need to specify the correct torque, for example, when assembly teams change. The bayonet lock ensures complete contacting without the use of a torque wrench, thus avoiding errors during the production process.

Saving installation time

Even in places that are difficult to access, where an assembler has difficulty ensuring that a screw connection is securely locked, the option of plugging the contacts in blind and without tools, offers perfect application possibilities.
CONEC M12 connectors with bayonet locking thus save assembly time on site. This not only reduces the overall application-related costs, but also achieves higher production uptimes. ds


  • Tool-free, safe, fast, and tactile three‑point bayonet locking system
  • The bayonet lock allows complete contacting without the use of a torque wrench, thus errors during the production process can be avoided
  • Coupling sockets are 100 percent backwards compatible with standard M12x1
  • Data transmission rate up to 10 Gbit/S
  • 360-degree shielded
  • Flexibility in the field, as field attachable connectors are used
  • Various standardised installation heights

Fields of application

  • Automation technology
  • Drive technology
  • Housing and device connection
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • Industrial interface
  • Communication technology
  • Security and monitoring systems
  • Agricultural and construction machinery
  • Transport industry
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