Connected, customised automation solutions from Panasonic Industry

Connected production environments offer faster process flows, comprehensive traceability, and continuous improvement opportunities thanks to IIoT solutions. Digital networking also opens up efficiency gains and the ability to control equipment remotely. The high-tech environment of state-of-the-art laboratories is a prime example.
IIoT and Edge
Video: Laboratory Automation by Panasonic Industry

Modern laboratory environments

Essentially, there are five characteristics that drive the Gamechange towards the lab of tomorrow: digital transformation, human and cultural aspects, process development and automation, data management, lab environment and design.
In order to optimise the increasing number of test samples and the speed of evaluation, a connected solution is needed to ensure sample recognition, transport, and error-free analysis.
With the biomedical demo model, Panasonic Industry shows that the advantage of its components lies primarily in their mutual interaction. Especially in the interaction between the products as a powerful sum of components.
Requirement profile for laboratory automation
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