The high-torque BLDC motors have flange dimensions of 80 and 100 mm and offer rated torques of 2.4 to 8 Nm

New torque dimensions:
ELRA IP65 high-torque motors

The new high-torque BLDC-motors from ELRA have, compared to standard motors of this size, a much higher rotational speed. The high-performance rotor design with a rated speed of 750 revolutions per minute makes this series suitable for use as a direct drive. The usually necessary gearbox reduction is omitted and thus some mechanical wear parts. ds
 Overview High-Torque BLDC-Motors
Innovative technology

World premiere: Producing larger parts with the same footprint

A special highlight at this year's AMB was the world premiere of the new BA 711 space – a flexible single-station machine for small and medium series production of precision parts made of cast iron, cast steel or steel.
"The pure floor space is almost identical to previous models. But the new design eliminates the partition wall in the machine interior, so the space available in the machine has been expanded enormously," explains Marketing Manager André Harter.
The BA 711 space can now machine considerably larger parts, such as engine blocks, chassis parts, transmission housings for agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, or rail vehicles.

The future in sight: Multispindle machines and automation modules

Industries such as e-mobility in particular place great demands on manufacturers in terms of flexibility and future viability.
SW has been successfully supporting its customers in these areas for years always focusing on multispindle machining centers. At this year's AMB, for example, the benefits of energy-efficient multi-spindle machines were presented. "A four-spindle machine reduces cycle times by up to 60 percent compared to single-spindle machines. At the same time, it saves around 70 percent of the floor space and consumes only about half the amount of energy," says Harter, citing important factors for a sustainable invest­ment. ds
The new machining centre can produce complex structural components on a small footprint
(Source: SW)
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