Acceleration with 20 times the computing power and A100 GPUs

System house and specialized HPC solution provider Bressner Technology introduces a 19-inch PCIe expansion system with Gen4 interfaces

Industrial PC
Bressner Technology introduces the PCIe Gen4 expansion system from One Stop Systems (OSS) in Europe. The 19-inch OSS 4UV PCIe "Value System" fully supports NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and can increase the computing power by up to 20 times compared to the previous generation.
With OSS 4UV, system developers can scale almost any Gen4 server to increase the performance of compute-intensive applications such as Al training, Al inference, video analysis and XR rendering. For Al inference on INT4 sparse neural networks, the system can achieve peak computing operations of up to 19.9 PetaOPS.

High-speed connection

The A100 GPUs can be interconnected via third-generation NVlink that offers 600 GB/sec of GPU-to-GPU interconnect. The OSS 4UV also features two PCIe x16 Gen 4 slots that allow the latest generation of network interface controllers (NICs) to transport data throughout the datacentre or edge network. While the OSS 4UV can connect almost any Gen 4 server to eight A100 PCIe GPUs and two NICs, OSS also offers a complete NVIDIA GPU cloud-ready solution with the OSS 4UV pre-installed in an OSS 2U-EOS-4a Gen 4 server.

High-performance computing for AI and other compute-intensive applications

"Once again we have delivered unprecedented performance and efficient scalability with the first expansion system that supports the industry's latest and most powerful GPU accelerators," said David Raun, CEO of OSS. "Our solution includes a full stack of Al software and pre-trained Al models that are perfect for Al on the Fly applications, allowing our customers to accelerate workloads at every scale."
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