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At the Motek, Dynetics (booth 1220, hall 1) presents linear and rotary servo motors with drivers from Synapticon, servo motors from NPM and a compact electric gripper based on the world's smallest bidirectional ball screw from KSS.
Special Drive Technology

New lightweight, compact electric gripper

Since 1964, KSS (Japan) has been the market leader and specialist for high-precision ball screws. As a highlight on the Dynetics stand, a new compact series of grippers will be presented, which is extremely compact and lightweight due to KSS miniature technology.
The gripper is a combination of bidirectional ball screw (4 mm diameter, spindle pitch 2 mm), sliding guide rail, coreless DC gear motor and a linear incremental encoder for multi-point positioning drive and gripping force control. Its gripping force is 2 N to 20 N. Thanks to the possible mounting on four different sides, it allows a flexible design and easy maintenance.
In addition to an opening and closing process similar to the human hand, the centring of the gripper and the measurement of the opening width are possible, but only with the driver from Dynetics. A different driver is used by the manufacturer KSS, the D6180, which does not support this feature.
The compact driver can be mounted on a DIN rail and requires a 24 V DC power supply (1 A). To control the gripping operation, the driver requires three inputs (machine zero, gripping operation, standby position operation) and three outputs (return to origin completion, gripping and warning alarm). The driver has an RS485 serial interface for communication. Dynetics can also provide application software.
 Compact gripper
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