Industrial Raspberry Pi® alternative

If you have developed your application on a Raspberry Pi® basis and are now faced with the problem of having to use it in an industrial environment, ICP Germany offers with the ND108T an adequate replacement.
The Internet of Things is booming! Smart devices, smart buildings or transportation, cities and much more influence our daily life. The basis of the Internet of Things is still a computer.

The ND108T is a small, multifunctional and cost-effective board, suitable for various types of embedded applications, with low power consumption and designed for use in industrial environments. Powered by the latest NXP I.MX8M dual/quad core A53 processor, Mitac's ND108T PICO-ITX board offers up to four 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53 plus Cortex-M4 cores – at a size of only 100 x 72 mm.

Demanding applications
can be realised

In addition to high processing power and low power consumption, the ND108T offers flexible memory options and a variety of interfaces, including one LVDS interface.
Industrial PC
The processors also offer full 4K UltraHD resolution and HDR video quality, as well as top-level professional audio output. To realize industrial or embedded application, such as machine vision, automatic optical inspection, or robotic automation conveyor, more functions and expansion I/O are required to allow all devices to communicate with each other.

Expandable through HATS

Among other things, the 40-pin GPIO header compatible with the Raspberry® provides the necessary flexibility for expansion. This opens up the ND108T to the Raspberry® Pi's extensive peripheral ecosystem, especially HATs. HATs (Hardware Attached on Top) are expansion boards that connect to the Raspberry® Pi's 40 GPIO pins and provide additional functionality.
Examples of HATS include LCS/OLED/E-Ink displays, FANs, GPS/GSM/LoRA/RFID capabilities, additional I/O ports, cameras, and environmental sensors. All of these HATS increase the versatility of the ND108T, making it even more attractive for embedded applications. The ND108T's features enable it to be used in various Internet of Things devices, for networking, for classifying, for decision-making. The ND108T is available in five different versions from ICP Germany. ds
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