Panasonic IoT solutions

With a broad automation product portfolio and technology solutions, Panasonic Industry is the partner for setting up solutions for fully connected production lines.

Special Digital Factory
The HMx700 panel is a high-end touch panel for demanding IIoT applications

Panasonic HMIs – more than just touchpanels

The current industrial revolution requires seamless communication between man and machine. Of central importance for successful networking is the machine‘s operating device, which serves as the communication interface. What would be more intuitive than a multi-touch operation that behaves much like a smartphone or tablet? The Panasonic HMx series combines the advantages of two worlds: they are high-end devices for demanding IoT applications, that, despite its wide range of features, does not compromise on ruggedness.

All-encompassing solution for industrial automation

Thanks to the webserver architecture of the latest HMI from Panasonic Industry, the operator has a wide range of options for controlling and remote monitoring of the machines. The ability to capture, store and share data in higher-level structures makes the HM series the perfect choice for integrating systems across the entire enterprise. The HMx700 and HMs700 product range is therefore an all-encompassing solution for industrial automation with very low energy consumption and a long product life cycle.
 HMx700 series touch terminals
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