High Dynamic Inclinometers

Turck's inclinometers with IO-Link combine MEMS and gyroscope signals for moving applications and allow fast, reliable measurement even when subject to mechanical interference.
In its new generation of inclinometers Turck has combined accelerometer technology (MEMS) with gyroscope technology so that shocks and vibration can be masked out much more effectively than with conventional signal filters. The B1NF and B2NF single and two-axis inclinometers thus enable a previously unknown degree of dynamic measurement that even allows use in high-speed control circuits on moving or vibrating machines.
The highly robust IP68/69K sensors output their signal via IO-Link COM3, the latest and fastest version of the digital interface. IO-Link also enables the device to be adapted easily to application requirements, such as with regard to zero setting. Additional information, such as the operating hours of the sensor or its ambient temperature, can also be provided for condition monitoring applications.
Application example: The platforms of blow molding machines must be aligned quickly and precisely; the B2NF on the underside of the platform prevents them from tilting during the traversing process

Support of
horizontal mounting

The “spirit level function” simplifies device installation. The flashing of an LED is used here to indicate the horizontal position of the sensor. This therefore ensures the error-free and reliable installation of the sensor without any accessories before it is fully set up in the IO-Link master. The use of translucent plastic for the LEDs eliminates the potential weak points in the housing arising from LED lenses. The devices can also be used for positioning and balancing applications or for dancer arm monitoring in the textile, printing packaging industries. Turck is initially offering four variants on the market: for dynamic applications with the B1NF single-axis and B2NF two-axis inclinometers and the B1N and B2N for static applications. ds
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