Connectors for automation technology

Whether Industry 4.0, Factory Automation or other areas of automation – the challenges are almost the same: Increasingly faster data transmissions are required, sometimes even in real time, and the data volume is increasing, the available installation space remains limited, connectors have to be locked quickly and securely, and there is high-cost pressure. In this environment, connectors that meet the corresponding technical requirements are in demand. In the automation sector, CONEC has a broad portfolio of connectors and offers solutions from a single source.
Special Connector Technology

M8x1 connector series, D‑coded

Today, it is impossible to imagine many areas of automation technology without Industrial Ethernet data transmission. For the integration of sensors, cameras and other components in Industrial Ethernet networks, M12x1 D-coded connectors are used as standard.
Due to the progressive miniaturisation of these devices, it was time to develop a compact connector suitable for this purpose. For this reason, CONEC has extended its Industrial Ethernet product range to include the M8x1 D-Coding according to IEC Standard 61076-2-114. The contact arrangement is based on that of the M12x1 D-Coding and prevents mating with all other M8x1 codings on the market.
With M8x1 D coding, Industrial Ethernet transmission is implemented using a 4-pole M8x1 connector in conjunction with a 360° shielding and a standard Ethernet cable. Together with the contacts changed to 0.8 mm diameter, the connector enables a transmission rate of up to 100 Mbit/s (Fast Ethernet).
In order to enable continuous field wiring, overmolded connectors, field-terminable connectors and sockets for direct PCB mounting have been developed.

Connectors overmoulded

At present, shielded axially overmoulded designs with a TPU cable (4 x AWG 22) for drag chain applications are available in standard lengths.
Connecting cables are almost exclusively used for the 100 Mbit male-male connecting cables.

Connectors field-attachable

The field attachable connectors include axial female and male connector variants, optionally with screw connection (female + male) or crimp connection (male).

Sockets for direct
circuit board assembly

An extensive delivery program is available for device connections, so that there are many variable mounting options for the user. Both axial and angled two-piece sockets as well as axial one-piece sockets are available. The two-part PCB sockets are shielded from the socket housing to the printed circuit board by a punched sheet metal.
Formed contact tongues establish the radial connection to the socket housing, the connection to the PCB is made via snap-in elements with subsequent soldering. The materials used are suitable for wave soldering, the socket housings and the insulators can be processed separately and matched.
In case of axial one-piece PCB sockets, the insulating body and the socket housing are firmly connected to each other. The socket is first mounted from the inside of the device and then the circuit board is put in place and finally soldered.
A special socket version is the version with overmoulded cable and another plug connector on side B, preferably M8x1 D-coded. This allows the interface to be installed with a ready-made and tested cable to the switch cabinet.
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