Embedded Systems

From the PLC
to the IoT controller

When automating production lines according to IoT, the controls of all individual machines are networked with one to another and integrated into the Internet. This requires IPC and communication functions, so new hardware and software are necessary. MASS has developed a solution for this environment based on the Raspberry Pi.
RPI-Box mini
The solution is implemented with an IPC that also serves other requirements: for example, the HMI or B&B, the external remote display of measurement results and machine states as well as intervals of maintenance.
Such an IPC is not expensive if, for example, the Raspberry Pi processor is used. With over 32 million copies sold, it has become the market leader in the IPC processor family because it works with the widely spreaded programming languages CODESYS®, logi.CAD®, Python or many others. It also got internal connections for CSI camera, video/audio, I/O extension and interfaces USB 3.0, real-time clock with battery, RFID module and RS232/485.
Industrial PC
RPI-07 inch / 10 inch with PLC
RPI-Box with enhancements

Controller and IPC
based on the Raspberry Pi

This IPC is available as an IoT controller in several versions. One version of the IoT controller uses a Raspberry Pi PC with a 7-inch multi-touch display and a small PLC in a front panel enclosure or in a free-standing enclosure with a stand or wall mount. The second design is based on a Raspberry Pi PC with a 10.1-inch multi-touch display and a larger PLC. The third version, the RPI box, is an embedded system without display with the Raspberry Pi module and the small or large PLC and an expansion board. Here, the box is wired in the control cabinet and the B&B display is installed in the control panel and connected via HDMI and USB cables. The fourth variant is a multi-touch display without IPC and belongs to the RPI box controller as a B&B device.

Rugged for harsh
industrial environments

This "low-cost IPC" got an interference-free, vibration-proof metal housing, industrial power supply, micro-SD memory, standard connector and it runs in the temperature range of 0-50 ° C. This ensures the 24/7 operation in a harsh industrial environment. The above products are "made in Germany" and will be deliverable for 5 years. ds
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