Compact power supply for
PCB mounting

New TDK Lambda KPSB series in cost-effective protection Class II with 5 to 25 W and wide operating temperature range

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the KPSB6 series of 5 to 6 W and the KPSB25 series of 20 to 25 W board mount AC-DC power supplies. Certified to the IEC 62368-1 standard for Audio/Video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment, the products have a Class II input requiring no earth ground.
Video: KPSB series
The KPSB can operate in ambient temperatures of up to -40 to +80 °C. These cost effective, compact PCB mount supplies are ideal for factory automation, communications, instrumentation, building security and industrial control applications. The KPSB-6 measures 39.5 x 19.4 x 18.3 mm (L x W x H) delivering 6 W output power (5 W at 3.3 V) and has 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15 and 24 V output voltages. The KPSB-25 measures 50.8 x 27.94 x 24.9 mm (L x W x H) delivering 25 W output power (20 W at 5 V) and has 5, 12, 15, 24, 36 and 48 V output voltages. In addition to the open frame board mount packages, encapsulated or chassis mounted models with plug-in connectors are offered.

Wide range input

The series accepts a wide 90 to 264 Vac input operating range and has efficiencies of up to 87 percent.
The KPSB6 has an off-load power consumption of less than <75mW and the KPSB25 <100mW. The operating ambient temperature for the 6 W models is -40 to +80 °C, derating linearly to 50 percent load from 60 to 80 °C. Whereas, the temperature range for the 25 W models is -30 to +70 °C, derating linearly to 50 percent load from 50 to 70 °C.
All models are certified to IEC/UL/CSA/EN 62368-1 and carry the CE mark for the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives.
The KPSB also meets IEC/EN 60335-1 (Household Appliances) and IEC/EN 61558-1 (Transformer safety). The input to output isolation is 3,000 Vac and the touch current less than 250 µA.
The series complies with the EN 55032-B (Class B) EMI and EN 55024, EN 61204-3 immunity standards. ds
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