Field attachable M12x1 connectors with crimp termination

In industry and transport, M12 connectors are used for sensor/actor wiring as well as for bus systems. Short time-to-market requirements and high cost pressure make it necessary to build systems quickly, flexibly and reliably.
During implementation, easy field attachable connectors play a crucial role. CONEC M12 field attachable connectors with crimp connection offers the appropriate solution and are available in codings A, B, D, and X. The very compact and light design is ideal for applications with low space and weight.
CONEC M12 Crimp X-coded is designed for Ethernet applications with data rates up to 10 Gigabit/s, allowing applications with high data rates to be implemented in an industrial environment.
The turned crimp contacts can take stranded wire cross-sections from AWG 28 to AWG 22 (for X-coding) and from AWG 24 to AWG 18 (for A-, B- and D-coding) and are thus suitable for a wide range of commercial industrial data cables. The advantage of the machined crimp contacts is a reliable and gas-tight connection to the stranded wire which ensures constant low resistance even in extreme conditions. In addition, the female connectors are also available with so-called closed entry contacts offering an additional plug-in security of the socket contacts. The crimp contacts can be processed with commercially available crimping tool and machinery; only for the X-coded version, a corresponding CONEC crimping tool/selector must be used. The CONEC M12 Crimp connectors are protected against loosening due to vibrations during operation by a tactile vibration lock. The connector shell is entirely made of metal and therefore fully shielded. The connectors are designed for cable diameter of 4.5 to 8.3 mm and the shielding connection is done 360° to the full extent. All versions meet protection degree IP67 when mated. ds


New connectors for industry

In Product News 2022, CONEC provides an overview of innovations from the product groups M8x1, M12x1, B17 (Hybrid connectors), receptacles, insulation bodies, and the valve connectors series ATM and DT. In addition to a variety of connectors for all current standards, CONEC's particular strength is the integrated moulding of components and assemblies as well as in the development of customized solutions.
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