The display has a brightness of 500 nits and features a MIPI interface

Optimal display solution with 2.86‑inch bartype TFT display

Small but nice

Special format, high resolution, suitable for industrial use and even with touch! Is it all possible? All this is possible with DMB Technics. With the small bar-type TFT display, the most diverse application wishes can be realised.
DMB Technics has specialised in customised display solutions. The company always want to offer optimal solutions so that customers' design ideas can be put into practice.
Often, however, the wishes and requirements for the display design and the standards available on the market seem to be difficult to reconcile. If several factors that deviate from the standard come together, implementation often seems difficult. This is where we, as display experts, come into play.
Within the industrial automation environment, displays are used in various areas and have to fulfil very different requirements. Many applications do not require large displays but small ones – often TFT bartype displays.
HMI – Display
With smart embedded displays, DMB Technics covers a large part of the requirements for current HMI and provides the computing power where it is needed
These are elongated and are often also called stretched TFT displays. Otherwise, they are normal TFT displays based on LCDs (liquid crystal displays). The high-resolution 2.86-inch TFT from Startek can be the basis for devices that have little space for a display. The TFT has 376 x 906 pixels and can be used in both portrait and landscape format thanks to the viewing angle-independent IPS technology. Due to its brightness of 500 cd/m², it can also be used in bright ambient light.

Customisation of the display

This TFT can also be equipped with a touch panel in order to use it, for example, in an industrial environment as a simple HMI (Human Machine Interface) with little space requirement.
Customer-specific adaptations, for example to the backlight or front glass, can be implemented at any time. The display experts at DMB Technics can develop a customised display based on the customer's requirements. ds

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