The grippers require maximum precision

The grippers with which the robots pick up and put down the sensitive individual parts were a challenge. "The springs have six arms that bend if you hold them too tightly," explains Dengler. However, WAFIOS Tube Automation is familiar with these requirements for gripping tools and has therefore developed them in-house for the assembly cell. The overall control system, which is used to operate the system including the six KR AGILUS via a panel, was also developed internally and has been used by customers for years. "The operator simply programs the control system, but does not need to have any robot knowledge," emphasizes Kühn. The workforce at Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co. KG is happy with the automation. Thanks to the "robot colleagues", the employees have more resources for other activities in production. Especially as manual production of the safety valves would not make sense at all due to the complexity of the assembly, the many testing processes and the sharp increase in output. "To be the best supplier in this area, we need one hundred percent process control. We can only achieve this through automation," says Managing Director Benzing.

Author: Sandra Hirsch, Global Content Marketing Manager, Robotics Division


New connectors for industry

In Product News 2024, CONEC provides an overview of new products from the product groups M8 duo splitters, M8/M12 connectors, socket connectors with bayonet locking, insulation body/housing, and hybrid connectors/receptables. In addition to a variety of connectors for all current standards, CONEC's particular strengths are the integrated moulding of components and assemblies and the development of customized solutions.
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