Highly secure remote
maintenance "anywhere, anytime"

genubox supports browser-based remote maintenance on sensitive and safety-critical infrastructures

Genua GmbH, a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group, focuses on securing sensitive networks and communication for IT and OT. For its remote maintenance solution, Genubox, the IT security specialist, now supports remote access via a web interface in addition to its proven native Microsoft Windows app.
Networks & Security
Secure remote maintenance based on a rendezvous architecture. A rendezvous server in the cloud with a connection to identity management systems such as Azure AD or Okta improves scalability and supports simplified access management in accordance with zero trust principles
The new web interface for genubox enables the https-based establishment of a remote desktop connection to a rendezvous server to initiate a preconfigured remote maintenance session.
The identity verification of the user is performed via identity providers such as OKTA, Microsoft Entra ID or Keycloak using the OpenID Connect identity protocol. The genubox rendezvous server can thereby be located in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of the LAN operator, of the remote maintenance provider or in the cloud.
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