Automated production
strengthens e-mobility

Automated production
strengthens e-mobility

KUKA robots in the production of safety valves for batteries

The boom in e-mobility is causing a significant demand for batteries and the parts they contain. This is being felt by automotive supplier Hugo Benzing from Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart, which produces battery bursting discs, among other things. The valves reduce the pressure in the battery in the case of thermal overheating and thus make a significant contribution to the safety of electric cars. The production of the valves is challenging and highly synchronized – and therefore ideal for automation solutions.
KUKA Video: Two million pressure relief valves per year strengthen e-mobility (Please activate subtitles)
Electromobility is on the rise. E-cars run on electricity that can be produced from renewable energy sources and therefore reduce CO2 emissions – an important step towards climate protection.
The managers at the medium-sized company Hugo Benzing GmbH & Co. KG in Korntal-Münchingen quickly recognized this new trend towards sustainable electric vehicles.

Protection against battery overheating

The world's leading manufacturer of safety elements also realized its expertise to be useful for the construction of electric cars.
This is how the safety experts started developing bursting membranes and bursting disks for e-mobility.
The patented safety valves release pressure into the ambient air in the event of thermal overheating in the battery.
By preventing an increase in pressure in the battery, they ensure the safety of the electric car.

High safety requirements in the production process

High safety requirements and constant quality controls in the production process are necessary to manufacture this vent valve. The valve consists of three parts, which are assembled in an automated production cell at Benzing.
"We initially built the parts by hand," retrospects Managing Director Christian Benzing. But it soon turned out that the demand for these bleeder valves from the automotive industry would increase dramatically. "We therefore needed large quantities," says Benzing. The enormous growth in capacity could only be achieved through automation. In addition, the safety tests of the individual parts could now be standardized according to defined, programmed processes and with the help of modern technology. This is where the expert knowledge of the mechanical engineering and automation company, WAFIOS Tube Automation GmbH from Simonswald in the Black Forest, has come into play.

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