Magnetically coded position measuring system with IO-Link interface and condition monitoring

The new BML SL1 absolute measuring system from Balluff is the right choice wherever positions and end-of-travel need to be determined with high accuracy, fast and precisely over travel distances of up to 8 meters. Regardless of whether the task involves linear or rotary motion, distance or angle measurement, format changes, short or long distances.
The absolute measuring system BML SL1 works highly dynamically with a permitted traversing speed of up to 10 m/s
This magnetically coded system is a simple and economical solution for countless tasks, such as in factory automation, metalworking or in the packaging field, to name just a few industry sectors. The position information is conveniently output through the integrated IO-Link interface. The user also benefits from the typical IO-Link features like comprehensive parameterizing and diagnostics functions, which ensure fast startup and convenient error detection for high system availability. Even rapid format changes when a recipe is changed can be easily accommodated. And even after a power failure and restart, the absolute position value remains immediately available – without the need for homing. For closed-loop applications there is also an optional interface with an incremental analog signal.
BML application: In order to record the axis movement, the sensor head (see circle) is guided contactlessly over the measuring body
Operating principle: The system consists of the sensor head, a magnet-coded measuring body, optionally for linear or rotary use. In order to record the position information, the sensor head is guided contactless over the magnetized measuring body. The measuring method works without mechanical wear and tear
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