Condition Monitoring Platform

Turck's compact IM18-CCM50 DIN rail control center for collecting, processing and forwarding condition data to the IIoT can be configured for specific OEM requirements. The IM18-CCM platform is therefore a powerful solution for machine and plant builders.
The IM18-CCM50 is a compact condition monitoring control center for simple installation in the control cabinet. This enables the use of both the information of the integrated sensors for measuring door position, humidity and temperature, as well as the data from external sensors and measuring devices, which can be integrated via analog and digital interfaces. Besides two analog inputs (mA or V) the module offers two digital inputs/outputs as well as a relay output for tasks such as the control of signal lights and a USB 2.0 Host for connecting a mass storage memory or a wireless adapter.
Networking and Security
Video: Product Manager Klaus Ebinger introduces the IM18-CCM in 90 seconds

Current measurement
with add-on modules possible

An add-on interface allows other devices such as the IM18-CCM51 to be connected for current measurement for 12 AC channels with up 600 A. The data transfer and power supply of the IM18-CCM modules is implemented via the backplane.

Linux control center
connects OT and IT

This range of functions makes the IM18-CCM platform ideal for machine and plant builders wishing to offer their customers advanced condition monitoring functions. This therefore makes it possible to also implement remote maintenance during operation via the OEM right through to the control cabinet of the user.
The open Linux operating system (Debian) is optimized for the installation of custom analysis programs. With its two independent Ethernet interfaces, the IM18-CCM provides an effortless connection between the OT and IT world. The device uses the TCP/IP, Modbus TCP and HTTP communication protocols. Other Ethernet-based protocols can be installed at any time.

Retrofitting condition monitoring in existing machines

With the IM18-CCM50 series, Turck's CCM platform now includes a powerful IIoT platform for condition monitoring and other IT applications.
The IM18‑CCM40 is a flexible, open and attractively priced condition monitoring solution that can also be directly connected to IT systems. The IM12-CCM, with its processing and monitoring functions, is ideal for straightforward retrofitting in existing installations as it can be connected to automation systems via IO-Link. ds
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