Protected from cold, moisture and dust

Compact silicone keyboards in protection class IP68

The two particularly compact and flat silicone keyboards DS85S and DS105S TP from Printec-DS offer full functionality, are very space-saving and designed for the harshest, industrial applications (IP68).
These silicone keyboards feature a robust, compact, dustproof and waterproof design. This allows them to be used in almost all industrial applications. Both models are available as desktop versions or with mounting bolts and are available in different country variants.

Horizontal and vertical installation

The two new, compact silicone keyboards were specially developed for industrial applications where little space is available for input elements, but a keyboard is still needed.
The DS105S TP even additionally fulfils mouse functions thanks to its integrated touchpad. The design with silicone mat allows both horizontal and vertical installation of the keyboard. The key symbols remain clearly legible even after years of intensive use thanks to the laser application process.

Dimmable lighting

Another special feature is the symbol illumination. Each key is backlit by its own LED, which ensures that the symbols remain perfectly legible even at night. The operator can easily dim the LEDs via two integrated buttons to match the current lighting conditions. Both the DS85S and DS105S TP are certified to MIL-STD, which further emphasizes the ruggedness of these two keyboards. ds
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