Powerful miniature servo motors from NPM

Nippon Pulse Motor (NPM) – represented by Dynetics – presents a new compact series of direct drive servo motors.
The brushless motors of the MDD family (Micro Direct Drive) are available in dimensions from 13 mm to 70 mm and three lengths. By using special windings, strong ball bearings and extra strong magnets, NPM has realised a robust motor in a compact housing that offers a very high torque (up to 1000 mNm, with peak values up to 3100 mNm). The very high stiffness, high speed and high accuracy of the MDD series is achieved thanks to a special design of the motor, whereby the shaft is directly connected to the gearbox.
For the realization of a precise positioning, the motors have an integrated encoder (absolute or incremental) with high resolution. On request, the MDD series can be supplied with a hollow axis, and customer-specific adjustments – like a special sealing – are possible. These robust and space-saving motors are extremely precise and are used in a variety of direct drive applications, with precise positioning, combined with force required. The motors can be used not only in high-precision devices for cleanrooms such as Scara, pharmaceutical robots and small gantry, but also in industrial robots such as Cobots, articulated arm robots for production lines with complex assembly operations in harsh conditions, and precision machines such as such as SMA devices for the manufacturing of electronic devices and semiconductors. ds
Drive technology
Video: Micro Direct Drive Motor Miniature AC servomotor in a scalar robot with the repeatability of ±1 μm
Video: Micro Direct Drive Motor Miniature AC servomotor Robotic arm Master slave demonstration (NPM)
Video: Torque demonstration lifts a weight by a gearless Micro Direct Drive Motor Miniature AC servomotor
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