Professional GPU accelerator with ten expansion slots

Bressner Technology, a leading provider of specialized high-performance computing (HPC), has expanded its PCI Express Gen 4 product line with the introduction of the 4U Pro, a professional Gen 4 expansion platform that offers twice the performance of the previous Gen 3 standard.
High-performance Computing
The 4U Pro offers a significantly expanded and configurable feature set compared to One Stop Systems' (OSS) Gen 4 4U Value product introduced last year. At just 18.5 inch depth, the 4U Pro's proven OSS Gen 4 features enable rapid time-to-market for customers with demanding edge computing applications.
The 4U Pro provides industry-leading, one terabit-per-second, low-latency, externally wired PCIe connectivity between the latest high-performance servers and AI accelerators, ideal for running large-scale AI data collection, training, and inference applications at the edge. In addition to four Gen 4 x16 host ports, the 4U Pro offers multiple slot configurations, including eight x16 slots that can support up to eight of the latest Gen 4 GPUs, providing unprecedented acceleration and flexibility for AI, data analytics, and HPC to tackle the world's most challenging compute processes.

Flexibly configurable GPU accelerator

The 4U Pro can also be configured with 16 x8 slots. These can be populated with 16 of Liqid's new LQD4500 PCIe Gen 4 NVMe drives, which can store more than 500 terabytes of data sets at industry-leading speeds, making the configuration ideal for the most demanding storage challenges. The 4U Pro also supports and enables the high-performance edge computing ecosystem that includes many other PCIe Gen 4 CPUs, NICs, host adapters and FPGAs - all with Bressner's proven Gen 4 interoperability. This often requires supporting a mix of x8 and x16 slots, which is also available on the 4U Pro.
This level of flexibility, combined with Bressner's host adapters, riser cards and cables, provides a solid Gen-4 offering. Early customers include leading companies in instrumentation, measurement, factory automation, automotive, military, and other edge markets.

Fit for AI

The 4U Pro sets the standard for high-performance AI workflows at the edge with other key features such as sturdy frame-in-frame design, shock isolation, remote monitoring and control, AC or DC power supplies, OSS management software, and the ability to scale servers to an industry-leading density of 64 GPUs, FPGAs, or multi-system NVMe drives.
The 4U Pro is compatible with One Stop Systems' Ion Accelerator SAN and NAS storage applications, which offer the industry's lowest latency and work with the broadest range of AI applications and frameworks. This enables rapid time-to-deployment with pre-trained AI models and common frameworks such as Tensorflow and PyTorch, which are critical for edge designs.
David Raun, President and CEO of One Stop Systems, commented, "The 4HE Pro is an excellent addition to the standard OSS product line, providing new features, enhancements, and capabilities for critical applications that require a robust platform at the Edge, supported by our proven Gen 4 interoperability. Deploying to the U.S. Army with a valuable partner like Liqid that leverages the broad range of these features is an ideal application that demonstrates the capabilities and benefits of our PCIe expansion technology." ds
The Gen 4 extension platform 4U Pro is suitable for running large-scale AI data analytics, AI training and inference applications at the Edge
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