Prefabricated cables with plug‑in connectors for machinery and plant engineering

Increasingly, classic control cabinet applications are installed in the field and equipped with communicative components. This increases the complexity and quantity of the cabling. Prefabricated and tested cables enable time savings of up to 75 percent and simplify installation in difficult plant conditions. To cater for these requirements, Weidmüller offers high-quality plug-and-produce solutions for IP20 and IP6x environments.
Requirements of modern machines and plants are increasingly specialised. Standard combinations as well as specific cabling solutions, which are available quickly and guarantee a reliable transmission of power, signals and data, are required for the implementation.
Weidmüller offers the optimal solution for all cabling tasks. The customer can choose between requirements-oriented offers from standard cables through to an engineering solution.
The choices include Pick to order, Configure to order, Make to order, Engineer to order.

Pick to order

The standard product range of assembled plug-and-produce solutions for transferring power, signals and data can be ordered directly from the catalogue from a batch size of one

Configure to order

The portfolio includes standardised connecting lines with different connector faces and cable lengths. Special combinations of standard components can be ordered simply online:
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