Prefabricated SAI (Sensor/Actuator/Interface) and IE (Industrial Ethernet)‑cables

Circular and rectangular connectors are standard in machinery and plant engineering as well as robotics. They allow fast and error-free installation even in difficult plant conditions, far removed from an ergonomic, well organised workplace. In addition to the robust M12 circular connectors, there are now M8 and M5 versions available too – they are an interesting alternative to compact and weight-sensitive applications. Weidmüller offers prefabricated cables made from PUR, PVC and LSZH in lengths of 1, 3, 5 and 10 m. Transparent labelling sleeves and a wide range of colours ensure a clearer overview during installation. The cables are available with M8, M12, M16, 7/8", M23 and RJ45 plug-in connectors in different design types and codings. 360° shielding, vibration resistance and protection ranging from IP65 to IP69 guarantee fault-free operation. Alternatively, users can also arrange to have customised variants produced, whether identical on both sides, with different plugs or with open cable ends. Weidmüller offers specific solutions with demand-oriented cable lengths, plugs, markings or colours from a batch size of one. Finally, customised cables can also be compiled in direct contact with Weidmüller specialists – the third ordering option.

PLC system cabling

Simultaneously save space and avoid installation errors, since the control system universal cabling reduces connection points and ensures greater efficiency and safety in panel building. With its compact interface units, Weidmüller offers a complete range of prefabricated cables for connecting to the most important control systems on the market: Siemens, ABB, Honeywell, Mitsubishi and many more.
The cable used is multipolar with a cross section of 0.25 mm2. This is also shielded from the cables for analogue signals. Each individual cable is identified using the colour coding defined in DIN 47100. The original plug-in connector from the manufacturer is used for the PLC connection. Three different connector types are used as interface connectors. Besides standard connectors for digital signals, there are also extremely stable RSV plug-in connectors available for high voltages up to 230 V or SUB-D connectors for analogue signals.

Custom cable assemblies

The planning, procurement and assembly of custom cables often leads to high costs. The connectivity professionals offer support with this: Weidmüller develops continuous connection solutions from IP20 to IP6x – reliable, tested and all from a single source. Any combinations are possible, even open on one or two sides. The customer is free to choose. ds

Compact and Powerful Digital Servo Drives for Demanding DC-Powered Motion Control Applications

Applied Motion introduces a new line of SV200 Digital Servo Drives for DC-powered motion control applications. Operating on 24, 48 or higher DC voltages (up to 60 volts DC), the SV200 Servo Drives offer advanced performance with multiple controls to address the requirements of machine builders and OEMs, especially for multi-axis applications.
Removing power conversion components from inside each drive, these DC-powered drives reduce costs by allowing multiple servo axes to draw power from a single DC power source. Smaller in size than comparable AC-operated drives, the SV200 Servo Drives require less space in a control cabinet and fit in space-constrained applications such as automated guided vehicles and other small machines.
Applied Motion’s fully digital servo drives also feature auto-tuning, anti-vibration function and programmable notch filter for smooth motion and accurate positioning. The output current is 10 Amps continuous with 20 Amps peak output current. Supply voltages range from 24 to 60 volts DC. Various control modes including step (pulse) and direction, analog torque/velocity/positioning, encoder following, streaming commands, stand-alone operation (indexing) with Q Programmer™ software, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP or RTU, and CANopen. The servo drives have 8 regular digital inputs (5 – 24 VDC), 4 high-speed digital inputs (5 – 24 VDC) and 6 digital inputs (30 VDC). They support Safe Torque Off input and dual-port communications for daisy chaining drives together (line or ring networks). Applied Motion’s new DC powered drives are optimized for use with their high torque J Series Servo Motors in the 200W, 400W and 750W power range. ds
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