Bosch Rexroth introduces the IoT Gateway as part of its Industry 4.0 Technology Portfolio

At the ATX West Bosch Rexroth presented a unique combination of hardware and software. The IoT Gateway demonstrates the latest in Industry 4.0 technology. For new and existing machines, Bosch Rexroth’s IoT Gateway connects to the Internet of Things (IoT) without intervening with automation logic.
Engineered by Bosch Rexroth’s leading experts, the IoT Gateway is a system of fully coordinated hardware and software components for new and existing machines. The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) without intervening in the automation logic. The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects sensor and process data, transmits it to MES, cloud applications or local machine state monitoring systems and enables process data analysis. The modular software concept of the IoT Gateway is based on Linux, Java apps and open interfaces. The configuration and handling are web-based, free from programming and performed logically in three simple steps. A huge time and cost savings, no software is needed to set up the system; everything is configurable through web interfaces. Furthermore, users don’t have to learn a programming language to utilize the system, making it easy to get started. And, scalable, embedded control hardware complements three system apps that make data recording, processing and forwarding easy.

Dashboard App – The Central Hub

The Dashboard App provides web-based interfaces for administration, configuration, parameterization and visualization of process data.
Users receive a detailed overview of the collected data and the device’s app enables local monitoring of process data via a standard browser without special software.

Devices App – Flexible Peripheral Connections

The Devices App establishes connections with peripherals such as sensors and signal values are converted into process data (known as endpoints). Connection options for this app are analog voltage and current signals, digital voltage signals, OPC UA, Open Core Interface for Controls, Siemens S7, RFID and Bluetooth LE.

Processing App – Fast Data Transfer

The Processing App converts process data into information using logical and mathematical operations. The app then forwards that information to higher-level systems such as Bosch SI – Production Performance Management, Bosch Sensor Cloud, Bosch Energy Platform, Bosch Rexroth ODiN, MES systems and databases. ds
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