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Industrial router provides Edge Computing

Data is the new gold. But instead of transferring a large amount of raw data directly into the cloud, the pre-processing of data at the edge of the network – edge computing – is increasingly favored. With mbEDGE, the collected machine and sensor data is evaluated locally and only the results are transferred to the cloud application.
mbEDGE is a software construction kit that extends the industrial routers mbNET and mbNET.rokey to an edge gateway. The additional data collection and processing functions enable users to use remote installations in a much more versatile and flexible way. mbEDGE is based on recognized and proven standards such as the Docker (Container) technology and the Node-RED graphical development environment. The system supports the most popular cloud platforms as well as various communication protocols such as OPC-UA, Modbus-TCP and MQTT.
Overview of the mbEDGE overall system

Easy IoT application development with Node-RED

Node-RED is a web-based development tool for easy development of IoT applications via drag & drop. On the graphical user interface the user connects several nodes to a flow diagram. Each node represents a functionality that can either be defined by the user or that bases on the predefined functions and code blocks of the comprehensive library.
This allows communication via MQTT (publish/subscribe), OPC-UA or Modbus-TCP, for example, to be realized with a few mouse clicks - as the connection to mbCONNECT24 or the sending of messages via Twitter or e-mail. A large number of cloud platforms are supported for storage and further processing. Node-RED runs autonomously in a Docker container and has access to all resources of the industrial router mbNET.

Secure environment thanks to container technology

Docker provides virtual workspaces (containers) to user applications and manages their access to the operating system and system resources. The containers and their applications are isolated and can only communicate via Docker-controlled mechanisms. The node RED environment runs in such a container.
Depending on the variant, the user can use additional containers and has access to This is a user interface for configuring and managing the containers.

Security by Design

IT security is the core competence of MB connect line. The products and solutions are developed strictly according to the principle "Security by Design". As basis we use the standards defined in IEC62443.
The industrial routers mbNET are equipped with a secure hardware element (crypto chip) and a secure boot concept, so that devices can only boot with signed and trustworthy firmware. All data stored in the memory or on the mbEDGE SD card are encrypted. They cannot be read without the key stored in the crypto chip. Secure systems and devices require a secure development process.
Of course, the development engineers of MB connect line are certified accordingly: Teletrust T.I.S.P and T.P.S.S.E. ds
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