Field-attachable connectors

The increasingly decentralized automation requires flexible and individual wiring in certain areas directly in the field and at the machine with field-terminable connectors in various connection technologies.

As the most widely used connection technology, the screw termination can be easily assembled in the field using standard tools such as a screwdriver or a hexagon key supplied with the product. It covers a wide range of connection cross-sections and allows the connection of flexible and rigid conductors. CONEC offers plug connectors with screw connection in M8, M12, 7/8 inch and Round24 versions.
Crimp connection technology is preferably used in the transport industry. Different terminal cross-sections are also permitted for the crimp contacts, but in most cases two contacts with different crimp zones are required to cover the terminal cross-section of a screw termination. Field attachable connectors with crimp termination are available for the M8, M12 and CONEC Hybrid series.
Spring clamp connectors can also be carried out in the field without requiring special tools. With a wide cross-sectional range, this technology allows flexible wires to be connected to the connector. The spring clamp technology is available for the M8 and M12 connector series in standard coding A. The M8 and M12 connector series are available in standard coding A in spring clamp technology. An overview of sizes, connection technology and number of poles can be found in the new brochure "Overview circular connectors", which can be downloaded by interested parties. ds

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